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    Psychological Strategies for Dealing with Mental Disorders in the Preoperative and Postoperative Period

    Author(s): Theofilidis Antonis

    Received Date: 2022-05-20 ; Accepted Date: 2022-05-30; Published Date: 2022-05-31

    Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2022(9)221
    Segmental Splenic Flexure Resection in Colonic Carcinoma: A Single Center Experience

    Author(s): Raffaele Porfidia1*, Simona Grimaldi2, Pietro Picarella1, Maria Giovanna Ciolli1 and Sergio Grimaldi1

    Received Date: 2022-05-03 ; Accepted Date: 2022-05-09; Published Date: 2022-05-18

    Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2022(9)220
    Intraperitoneal Coil Migration Causing Appendicular Bisection Treated By Laparoscopic Appendectomy: A Call for Alternatives

    Author(s): Atef MM Darwish*, Dina AM Darwish and Ahmed Dervis

    Received Date: 2022-04-20 ; Accepted Date: 2022-04-26; Published Date: 2022-04-30

    Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2022(9)219
    Cullen’s Sign in Severe Acute Pancreatitis

    Author(s): Mohamed Hajri, Wael Ferjaoui*, Sahir Omrani and Rached Bayar

    Received Date: 2022-03-23 ; Accepted Date: 2022-03-30; Published Date: 2022-03-31

    Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2022(9)218
    A Survey of Healthcare Professionals’ Treatment of Patients with Eating Disorders and Obesity in Saudi Arabia, and the Availability of Specialised Resources

    Author(s): Amnah Alsabbah

    Received Date: 2022-01-04 ; Accepted Date: 2022-03-12; Published Date: 2022-03-30

    Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2022(9)217