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    Effectiveness of the Feldenkrais Method on Self-Perception of Anxiety, Fatigue and Depression in Fibromyalgic Patients

    Author(s): Giorgio Mandala*, Valentina La Mantia, Cataldo Pietro, Marco Mirabella, Umberto Pandolfo T, Marianna BellafioreFP, Daniela Smirni FP and Caterina Forte T

    Received Date: 2023-12-28 ; Accepted Date: 2024-01-11; Published Date: 2024-01-31

    Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2024(11)234
    The Use of the "System Method of Leech Therapy" in Severe Transport Trauma, Pelvic Bone Fractures and Subarochnoid Hemorrhage (Clinical Case)

    Author(s): Krashenyuk AI* and Markova EP

    Received Date: 2024-01-02 ; Accepted Date: 2024-01-08; Published Date: 2024-01-20

    Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2024(11)235
    Therapeutic Effectiveness of using Papaya Leaves in the Treatment of Dental Diseases

    Author(s): Penjiyev AM* and Shagulyev P

    Received Date: 2023-12-01 ; Accepted Date: 2023-12-21; Published Date: 2024-01-05

    Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2024(11)233
    An Overview of Neglected Tropical Diseases: Global Perspective

    Author(s): Ambika Akhoury, John Abraham*, Clement Prakash TJ, Anieta Merin Jacob, Nancy Angeline G, Ganesh V, Jimi Jose, Romate John, Shibu Prakash, Chandrashekhar BS, Titto Rahim, Preethi G and Issac Georgy

    Received Date: 2023-12-11 ; Accepted Date: 2023-12-19; Published Date: 2023-12-26

    Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2023(10)232
    Effectiveness of Text Message-Based Intervention in Improving Glycemic Control among Patients with Diabetes Mellitus

    Author(s): Husain Taha, Amani Al Arayedh, Aysha Asif Sarwani*, Fatema Mandeel, Zainab Abdulraheem, Amal Ghareeb, Fatema Al Aradi and Zohour Rashwan

    Received Date: 2023-11-30 ; Accepted Date: 2023-12-04; Published Date: 2023-12-15

    Abstract View/Download PDF doi.org/10.47363/AMR/2023(10)230