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International Scientific Indexing (ISI) Indexed Journal Applied Medical Research ISSN: 2149 - 2018
Applied Medical Research. 2021; 8(2):(119-156)

Trace Element Contents in Thyroid of Patients with Diagnosed Colloid Nodular Goiter Determined by Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescent Analysis

Vladimir Zaichick

Background: Nodular goiter (NG) is an internationally important health problem. The aim of this exploratory study was to examine the content of bromine (Br), cooper (Cu), iron (Fe), rubidium (Rb), strontium (Sr), and zinc (Zn) in the normal thyroid and in the thyroid tissues with diagnosed colloid NG. Methods: Thyroid tissue levels of six trace elements (TE) were prospectively evaluated in 46 patients with thyroid colloid NG and 105 healthy inhabitants. Measurements were performed using 109Cd radionuclideinduced energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescent analysis Tissue samples were divided into two portions. One was used for morphological study while the other was intended for TE analysis. Results: It was found that contents of Br and Cu were significantly higher (2.61 and 2.01 times, respectively) and content of Sr were significantly lower (47%) in goitrous thyroid than in normal thyroid. Conclusions: There are considerable changes in TE contents in the goitrous transformed tissue of thyroid.