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International Scientific Indexing (ISI) Indexed Journal Applied Medical Research ISSN: 2149 - 2018
Applied Medical Research. 2021; 8(1):(108-159)

Ruptured Brainstem Arteriovenous Malformation Successfully Treated with Endovascular Surgery Used PHIL

Dante Valer*, John Vargas, Osmar Ordinola, Giancarlo Saal and Rodolfo Rodriguez

Brainstem arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) are rare and complex, presenting mainly with hemorrhage, which can be catastrophic. The objective of its treatment is the angiographic obliteration of the lesion without worsening or with improvement of the neurological symptoms. Embolization is an efficient treatment for these AVMs but there are very few reported cases, although total obliteration is difficult, but it can also serve to reduce the nest and close the most dangerous factors of the AVM. Brainstem AVM is a rare pathology with high associated morbidity and mortality, with a high rate of rebleeding without treatment, which in selected cases embolization can be curative with a good neurological prognosis