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International Scientific Indexing (ISI) Indexed Journal Applied Medical Research ISSN: 2149 - 2018
Applied Medical Research. 2021; 8(1):(110-159)

Determination the Effect of Ionizing Radiation in Blood Cells Parameters among Sudanese Radiology Workers

Amged Hussein Abdelrhman* and Abdelgadir Ahmed Abdelgadir

Background: Radiology work involves risks that affect most blood components, leading to chronic diseases Design: This analytical study was conducted in Khartoum State from August to December 2020 Objective: The goal is to determine the effect of ionizing radiation on blood values in healthy radiologists using the analysis of complete blood count and blood smear And to determine the effect of the number of years of work, the number of working hours per day, the years of work: are they continuous or discontinued, the intensity of radiation, wearing a protective shield made of lead on the values of the complete blood count Materials and Methods: Intravenous blood samples were collected from 50 participants, 27 samples from men and 23 samples from women aged between 25-40 years working in the field of medical radiology and the structural questionnaire was used Results: The results of this study revealed an indication of a decrease in hemoglobin, red blood cells and white blood cells upon exposure to high dose of radiation intensity for a long time Conclusion: This study concluded that there is a decrease in hemoglobin, red blood cells and white blood cells among radiologists.