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International Scientific Indexing (ISI) Indexed Journal Applied Medical Research ISSN: 2149 - 2018
Applied Medical Research. 2020; 7(2):(76-159)

Changes in Synaptic Terminal Structure in Adolescent Rat during Pregnancy; the Action Potential Propagation and Synaptic Transmission

Opeyemi Oluwasanmi Adeloye*, Oyeneyin Babatunde David, Samuel Olawuwo and Roseline kehinde Adeloye

Synaptic plasticity is a biological system of specific pattern of synaptic activity result in changes in synaptic strength. This influence puberty, pregnancy hormones, sensory experiences, and brain disorders. Long-term synaptic plasticity is accompanied by protein synthesis and trafficking, leading to structural changes of the synapse. Increasing evidence connects the terminal synaptic changes with potential propagation in adolescent and pregnancy. We investigate on the synaptic structural plasticity, which has mainly been studied with in vivo two-photon laser scanning microscopy. We also discuss how a different type of synapses, the multi-contact synapses associated with pregnancy.